2020 Porsche Turbo S (992) review

Porsche 911 Turbo S (992)

2020 Porsche Turbo S (992) review

How do I get to drive the new Porsche Turbo S (992) already now? As a film producer (www.filmbotschafter.de) and freelance TV editor for „Grip – das Motormagazin“, always Sundays on RTL2 (and Motorvision TV, n-tv PS etc), I was allowed to compare the Turbo S against the BMW M8 Competition Coupé on the Lausitzring (link to the film Turbo S (992) vs.) And the job has many advantages. Not only the possibility to make a fantastic and entertaining film with Matthias Malmedie and Niki Schelle, but also to let the high-priced cars compete against each other in different disciplines.

BMW wants to take away Porsche customers with the M8 Competition

Admittedly, the comparison is somewhat misleading. The BMW is a luxury coupé that has been trimmed for sport by M-GmbH. But it is 300 kilos heavier than the Zuffenhausen sports car and with „only“ 625 hp it also has 25 hp less than the new Porsche Turbo S. But the station managers had thought up the duel of the German premium sportsmen. And so it was nevertheless a great pleasure to once again put a BMW, which is very Asian in design and much too heavy, into the test pan. Joking aside, the BMW and the Porsche are simply different in concept but still great cars in their different ways. The Porsche is and remains the king in the ring. Sorry BMW, but the (almost) two ton BMW M8 has other advantages as a competition car.

2020 Turbo S (992) exterior design

Visually, the Porsche 992 Turbo S model year has been reworked only very carefully. As always with new 911 models, because the icon has a reputation to lose. The most striking new feature is the light band at the rear. Formerly reserved for the all-wheel drive models (4S), the continuous light graphic has found its way into all model series. Whether Porsche 718, Macan, Cayenne and so on. And now it’s the same for all 911 models. Whereby the Turbo S also always has four-wheel drive. It would certainly have the light strip at the rear as well. Nevertheless I find the light lines at the rear very impressive, especially at night. It’s a remarkable achievement of the lighting designers, thanks to the LED technology, to get such a bright, easily recognizable and above all grandiosely recognizable graphics from such a narrow component. Chapeau.

992 Turbo S engine can produce quiet and fat sound

The first engine sound after starting was quite disappointing. If you turn the plastic pinhead traditionally sitting to the left of the steering wheel (you can safely leave the radio key in your pocket thanks to Keyless Entry and Go), the Turbo S hums and splutters almost discreetly and unspectacularly in a four-cylinder form. The familiar pithy six-cylinder boxer sound is hardly audible for the time being. The first few metres in comfort mode can be rolled quite discreetly from the courtyard without even signaling to anybody in the neighbourhood what a hell of a machine is stranded in the courtyard. Only the colour racing yellow (at no extra charge) tells everybody of course: I need it! Or, I could if I wanted to.

2020 Porsche Turbo S (992) technical data

On paper, the 992 impresses with quite sick driving performance. 2.7 seconds from zero to 100, top speed of 330 km/h. 800 Newton metres of maximum torque suggest that thrust does not stop even after reaching the 100 km/h mark. And that is exactly the same. After 5.8 seconds the speedometer needle flies past the 160 km/h mark, after 8.9 seconds the 200 kilometres per hour are history. Of course everything with the sports chrono package, but to mention it is almost superfluous, because it is already included as standard in the Turbo S. All you have to do is set the dial on the steering wheel to Sport Plus, and then nothing stands in the way of the very crass speeding. Of course, I tried this on the way back to Frankfurt after the shoot from the Lausitz. You can find a video of it here. As blatant as the speedometer needle flies over the digital round instrument, the action feels as impressive from the driver’s perspective. It is always incredible what the Porsche engineers get out of the sports boxes. Well-being speed on a motorway that is almost empty due to Corona is around 250 km/h. At 280 – 330, you have to be very careful – on the one hand, you have to watch out for other road users and the road layout. But at 250, you can almost rest, that’s how unspectacular the speed feels.

2020 Porsche Turbo S chassis

Even more impressive than the pure driving performance is how the car follows the driver’s commands. The steering response is impeccable, especially at super high speeds, always razor sharp. And this is exactly the dangerous thing about the 911 Turbo S. At first glance it doesn’t feel so crass, because the car always remains super controllable. Almost foolproof and yet not recommended for idiots.

Turbo S (992) ceramic brake

And if you overdo it a bit with the throttle, the Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brake, or PCCB for short, is always a guarantee. It bites, a little bit temperature provided, always biting. So you can decelerate even faster than you have just accelerated. Braked down from 200 km/h to zero, the Turbo S stops in 4.5 seconds. As a reminder, it took almost 9 seconds to reach 200. So it decelerates faster than it accelerates. An awesome performance in my opinion. We tested that in our video.

New Turbo S 2020 price

If you ask for the price of a 911 Turbo S in 2020, then you (unfortunately) don’t earn enough. Because this sports car has its proud price. It costs 218,212 Euros in Germany with the usual local taxes. In some regions of Germany and in other countries you don’t even have to pay that much for a house, but that’s life. The test car that I was allowed to drive even cost 234,000 Euros with all extras. Expensive but I think it was worth every penny.

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