Crazy: electric cars at half price

electric cars with discount

Crazy: electric cars at half price

Electric cars with discount: More and more manufacturers have more and more electric cars in their portfolio. But customers continue to give electricians the cold shoulder. This is set to change now. Increased purchase premiums, discounts and the reduction in value-added tax are causing prices to tumble. At the peak, discounts of more than 50 percent are even possible for small models. This is the result of a market overview by the magazine “auto motor und sport” based on figures from the car exchanges Carwow and

Electric cars with discount

With the purchase premium for electric cars increased from 6,570 to 9,480 euros, the purchase price for models such as the Renault Zoe, the VW Up and the Smart Fortwo has been halved. The highest price reduction is currently being offered to buyers of the Renault Zoe. In March 2020, the electric car was listed at 21,900 euros, but now it is available for 9,179 euros after deducting the purchase premium, discount and reduced VAT. you can buy now electric cars with big discount.

BMW i3 with 40 percent discount

Most manufacturers are passing on the VAT reduction. Existing discount programmes are also not reduced or offset against the tax reduction. As a result, the Smart EQ Fortwo costs only 9,838 Euros, 54 percent less than the list price in March 2020. The VW e-Up is currently available for 10,924 Euros, which is 49 percent cheaper. The BMW i3 as a premium electric car costs 22,810 Euro (- 40 percent).

Save 35 percent for the BMW 225xe 

Those who prefer to use plug-in hybrids in order to be flexible over long distances also benefit from the fact that the purchase premium for hybrid models has risen from 5,475 to 7,900 Euros. Mercedes mid-range hybrids currently offer discounts of up to 22 percent compared to the list price in March 2020, Volvo up to 27 percent, the VW Passat Variant GTE and the Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI iV are around 30 percent cheaper. 

With the BMW 225xe you can even save 35 percent. Instead of 39,949 euros in March 2020, buyers now only have to transfer 25,313 euros. Asian brands such as Kia and Hyundai offer 36 and 37 per cent respectively, while the Toyota Prius PHEV is currently available for 26,109 euros, 28 per cent cheaper than on the list in March.

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