Is Corona the death of the Tesla Gigafactory Grünheide plant?

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Is Corona the death of the Tesla Gigafactory Grünheide plant?

In the summer of 2021, Tesla Motors plans to open the Tesla Gigafactory Grünheide near Berlin in Brandenburg, Germany, and start production of electric cars. Construction will begin shortly after the forest on the Tesla site has been cleared. But now the company of US billionaire Elon Musk is pulling the plug. This is due to the Corona crisis in Europe. About 30 Americans, who are responsible for building the factory, have now been brought back to the USA. In the morning, US President Donald Trum had just ordered a ban on Europeans entering the USA. It will come into effect from 05h Saturday morning CET.

Is Tesla burying his European factory?

What happened? The Californian electric car manufacturer has ordered his German team back to the USA. According to information from the industry magazine “Automobilwoche”, about 30 Americans currently working in Berlin are on their way back to the USA. This is the majority of the Tesla employees who have been sent to Europe to build the first Tesla plant on the old continent. The reason is the very fast spreading pandemic in Europe. Donald Trump had also criticized the Europeans for the fact that the Corona Covid-19 virus is spreading so fast worldwide.

Tesla Gigafactory Grünheide near Berlin in Germany

The Tesla team is currently preparing to build the Gigafactory in Grünheide. Initially, nothing was known about possible effects on the start of construction. It is also not yet clear whether there will only be delays in the construction of the plant due to the corona crisis. According to the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics, the ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for mid-April 2020. Tesla could not be reached for a statement. Therefore, the possible consequences for the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory, possible delays or even a (rather unlikely) shutdown cannot be conclusively clarified.

Final conclusion and technical data

In Grünheide near Berlin in Germany, the Model Y is to be produced on the 300-hectare factory. The factory is also to become the largest battery production facility in Europe. By 2025, 150 GWh battery cells are to be produced there, which will then be used in the Model Y. A comparable product is currently only available as Gigafactory 1 in the USA.

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