Mazda RX Vision GT3 Concept download for GT4

Mazda RX Vision GT3 Concept download for GT4

Gamers Alert: The Mazda RX Vision GT3 Concept is now available for download for the Gran Turismo Sport simulation on the PlayStation4. The virtual sports car was developed in cooperation with Polyphony Digital Inc. and complies with both FIA regulations for GT3 racing cars and Gran Turismo Sport regulations for category 3 cars.

Mazda RX Vision GT3 Concept tech specs

The coupe study RX-Vision – one of the highlights of the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 – has been consistently trimmed for racing for the simulation: The passenger cell and doors were retained in accordance with GT3 regulations, the track width front and rear and the width of the fenders were increased. A large air outlet on the bonnet improves both aerodynamics and engine cooling; spoilers at the front and rear and a rear diffuser increase downforce.

Mazda moment

Ground clearance and vehicle height have also been lowered in favour of aerodynamics. The power source is the Skyactiv-R, which is installed as a front/mid engine: the next-generation rotary-piston engine has four rotary pistons and develops an output of 570 hp.

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Gamers beware: The Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept is now available for download for the Gran Turismo Sport simulation on the PlayStation4....

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